What to Expect From A Professional Home Inspection?

It’s 2022, and home inspections are not limited only to a paper of inspection report. Homeowners, buyers, sellers, and real estate agents expect more from today’s home inspection service, which only a professional home inspector can offer. 

Unlike a naive and inexperienced home inspector who just does a quick walkthrough of the property, professional home inspectors dive deep down and carefully inspect every property element from top to bottom. So, if you have found your dream home and think it’s wise to move, better inspect it before closing the deal. And for this purpose, trust only a reliable company offering professional home inspections. 

Comprehensive and professional home inspections not only offer you a detailed inspection report but make the whole process informative and educational.

Here’s what you can expect from a professional home inspection and make the right decision

You Get A Licensed and Certified Home Inspector
The home inspector is the person responsible for the examination of the property. An experienced home inspector can examine the property, but without a license their scope is limited. An InterNACHI or ASHI certified home inspector is licensed to inspect various elements. They abide by the Standards of Practice and code of ethics, ensuring the inspection job is done to perfection. Apart from the full home inspection, a certified and licensed inspector can perform 

  • HVAC Inspection
  • Buyer/ Seller Inspection
  • Wind Mitigation
  • 4-point Inspection
  • Safe workplace Inspection and more

Additionally, renowned inspection companies go beyond the limits and employ inspectors specializing in radon testing, asbestos testing, mold inspection, pool inspection and related assessments.

On-Time Service
Suppose you scheduled an inspection, took leave from the office to be present at the time of inspection, and the inspector fails to come. That’s completely unacceptable. A professional home inspection service always turns out on time and arrives at your place in advance. And, even if there is some delay, they will inform you well ahead of time so that you can schedule your tasks accordingly. 

Thorough Examination of The Property
A professional and experienced home inspector has a keen eye for detail. It’s best to hire a local home inspector from a construction background as they have adequate knowledge of the material used and are well-aware of the architectural style of the region. Rather than a quick scan, a professional home inspector carefully assesses almost every element of the property in a non-invasive manner and provides the information you need to know. From the roof to the foundation, the inspectors take time to inspect all the little things and mark them as safe to use, require repair or need replacement. You can’t expect such a level of service from an inexperienced home inspector. 

An Educational Inspection
Professional home inspection focuses more on having clients on the site during the inspection. That’s not because there will be a communication or transparency issue, but they want their service to be educational. The inspector will answer your questions and educate you about the causes of flaws found during the inspection. He/she will explain everything in detail and suggest preventive and rectification methods. 


Comprehensive and Detailed Reports
The inspection reports are the end-product of the whole process. They should be precise, accurate and easy to understand, and this is what a professional home inspection service will focus on. They produce easy-to-read, concise reports with photographs and highlight the areas that require attention. Now, most companies use innovative software programs that generate inspection reports the same day of inspection. So, if you found a great place at a reasonable price and are just waiting for the inspection report to close the deal, these reports work the best, considering the findings are in your favor.  

So, a professional home inspection offers a myriad of benefits and arm you with the knowledge to make the right move.

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