Roof Inspection

Your roof has to survive extreme weather conditions and the harsh sun rays. Repairing roof damages and replacing components of roof elements can cost you a very expensive bill. Hence, it is important to get a professional roof inspection done annually.

Our professional and licensed roof inspections help you assess the condition of any roof type and save your hard-earned money from the costly repairs. We pay attention to even the minute details and provide you a detailed roof inspection report that describes the full condition of your roof. 

Our experienced roof inspectors examine your roof for any potential hazards, rot, rust, leaks, and other risks. They help you detect even the minor issues before they turn into major problems such as leakage, water damage, cracks, etc.

Our roof inspectors are experts and trained in inspecting all kinds of roofs from steel, metal to concrete. They are equipped with top-quality tools and equipment to give you high-quality inspection results.

Roof inspections usually include checking:

  • missing or damaged shingles
  • slouching
  • leaking 
  • quality and strength of the structure of the roof
  • potentially detrimental problems
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