Plumbing Inspection

Plumbing failures are very common and it often happens suddenly, without any warning. Therefore it is important to get the plumbing home inspections done and get peace of mind and future security. Getting a plumbing home inspection done is essential for your healthy home’s internal system, structure, and value of your property.

Plumbing inspections are used to check for any leaks in the property and to test the water pressure. Plumbing inspections also identify what kind of pipes are installed in the house and how new and strong they are. If the pipes are too old and weak, a second inspection may be required to check if they need to be replaced and how much the work would cost. 

Plumbing inspections include examining:

  • supply and waste systems
  • visual assessment of the health of accessible feed lines and connections within the structure
  • visual examination of the accessible waste lines and connections within the structure
  • main vent stack
  • laundry tub
  • faucets and showers
  • all the water pipes
  • washer & dryer connections
  • water heater
  • interior sewage ejector pump

Our plumbing inspections cover all the above-listed components and many more. Our well-trained and skilled home inspector will also identify the location of the building’s main water shutoff valve.

Using the information from our plumbing inspection reports can help you take care of problems before they arise, and become a major problem in the future. Fixing those problems at an early stage can save you hundreds of dollars on future replacements and fixing major damages.

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