Noticing Weird Smell In Your Home? Professional Home Inspection (Ozone Treatment) Is The Perfect Solution

You come home after the vacation, and as soon as you open the door, there is a weird, stinky smell, making it difficult to breathe. You opened the doors and windows, assuming the accumulated air will dissipate gradually, but it’s still there. You look for its origin but couldn’t find anything. So, what to do? Well, a wise move is to hire a certified and professional home inspector to know the origin and cause of the smell. 

Professional inspectors have experience inspecting such properties and help you know the cause of the smell. They have the necessary tools required for the job. If you are a business that deals in chemical manufacturing or paint manufacturing, then the air quality can be hazardous. This could cause acute health disorders. A feasible solution is to consult with a trusted organization having specialization in mold, radon inspection and treatment. 

So, What Causes the Foul Smell? 

There could be several reasons that cause foul smell indoors. It could be the weather. Most of the time, rainy weather causes dampness, which results in a weird smell. This kind of smell usually dissipates in a day. However, if there is asbestos, mold or radon presence, then it could last for longer. House fires can also cause smells that are hard to disappear. Toxic fumes can result in chronic illness and breathing problems. So, an ideal solution is ozone treatment or commonly known as ozone blasting. 

What is Ozone Treatment?

For smells that do not appear using air fresheners and other alternative methods, the ozone treatment is used. It is a professional method of removing foul smells using ozone generators. It is a less expensive treatment than sterilizing the complete space or abandoning the building. However, it is a critical process and must be performed under the supervision of a trained professional. The company or the professional must have the required license to perform ozone blasting within safety regulations. 

Ozone generators when operated under supervision, release ozone atoms that react with the foul smell and neutralize them. It is highly recommended to have a trained and experienced professional to operate the ozone generator as it generates high levels of ozone. 

The Process of Ozone Treatment

Exposure to ozone is dangerous if it exceeds the controlled level. So, before starting the treatment, the building or the room should be evacuated. Remove all the living plants, pets and evacuate the area. Ensure there is nothing inside the room that can get damaged due to ozone. The professional then start the procedure and creates lethal levels of ozone in an enclosed mold-affected building for several hours. The ozone kills or neutralizes the microorganisms that are causing the stinky smell and improves the air quality. After a thorough examination, the professionals will inform you about the time that is safe to enter the premises. 

After the ozone treatment, the air quality improves significantly and gives you a fresh environment to live in. 

How To Prevent Foul Smell Build-up

In most of the cases, water dampness is the cause of the stinky and weird smell you notice in your home. Leaky pipes, clogged gutters, and lichens on the roof can result in a smell. Properly maintain your home through premium cleaning. Keep the home ventilated and maintain a practice of regularly vacuuming your upholstery to avoid the smell. 

You can also schedule a professional inspection that will help you know the condition of your home. The home inspection report will assist you in taking adequate measures and eliminate the potential damages that might happen.

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