Moisture Intrusion Inspection

Moisture in the walls or ceilings can invite many problems in your home like mold which is very expensive to repair as well as a concerning matter of your safety. It also causes the wood inside the property to rot and pests and termites to grow on them. Mold growth, pests, and termites can cause serious health problems to you, your family, and your property. It decreases the value of your property. Hence it should be identified and fixed at an early stage.

We have moisture intrusion specialists working with us who perform a visual water intrusion inspection for signs of water damage with hand-held moisture meters to determine if the structure is wet or has the potential to hold moisture. 

We aid top-quality and premium branded tools and gadgets to inspect the moisture content. We use two kinds of methods for moisture intrusion inspection and that is infrared thermography and probe method. With both methods, a good quality infrared camera is used to detect the moisture content in the structure. 

Based on the moisture content found in your building, our inspectors recommend you take the necessary action and remedies needed to fix it. They will also suggest the best ways to maintain your walls and avoid getting your walls damp again.

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