Exterior Inspection

Along with the interior elements of the property, examining its exterior is also very important as it is exposed to weather impacts and the surrounding environment. An exterior home inspection covers checking:

  • exterior doors & windows
  • balconies/decks/patios/terraces
  • wall-covering materials
  • stairways, walkways, and driveways
  • grounds for any kind of vegetation, drainage, or property grading

Our exterior inspections cover all the mentioned above and more. Our home inspectors will complete a full inspection of the outside of the structure including the crawl spaces under the home and by climbing using a ladder to reach and inspect the roof and other places.

Our experienced home inspectors will examine for any damages, missing siding, cracks, or rust, rot, & decay. They check if the soil is in very close contact with the base of the house, which can provide the wood-destroying insects, termites to thrive on them. 

Our exterior inspection specialists will discuss with you all the problems that will be discovered on your property. They will explain the seriousness of the issues and which problems are cosmetic. They will also recommend the necessary remedies and next steps to fix those issues.

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