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Constructing a deck that is not only beautiful and visually appealing, but also safe and durable for you is not an easy task. You should know and be assured that all the safety considerations are being addressed while building it, as some decks are quite high off the ground, and a fall could cause serious injury or even death.

At DW Home Inspections, the safety of our customers is our top and foremost priority. With our certified inspection services we give you our most home and unbiased opinions on how safe and durable your deck is. We check each and every element attached to your deck so that you can enjoy your evening tea or your barbeque parties on your deck carefree.

Find the Right Deck Home Inspector in Gallatin County

We have a highly professional, experienced, well-trained, and fully insured deck home inspector in Gallatin County working with us who will help you inspect the quality of the material used in the deck construction as well as the present condition. They will help you understand how safe and durable your deck has been built.

Our home inspectors check if the deck is properly attached to your property, adequate spacing is present for the deck boards, sufficient bracing underneath, infill spacing between baluster, secure posts and soil integrity, stair attached to the deck, treads & graspable handrails, safe clearance from power line electrical, the lighting features and many more.

Why Choose us?

We have received a fabulous reputation in the home inspection business in Montana to provide our clients the best service, and the most professional and highly-trained home inspectors. We protect our customer’s interests by providing a thorough and detailed inspection of the property and safeguarding their investments as no other home inspection company does.  

Our services are affordable, punctual, honest, unbiased, and very flexible with respect to timings. We take your safety very seriously and hence we make sure that there is no mistake done from our side to give you the most accurate results and a safe Montana home.

We provide our home inspection services in Gallatin County, Bozeman, Sweetgrass County, Broadwater County, Madison County, Park County, and many more places.

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Deck inspectors will also be looking closely at the specific joints as they are assembled across the frame. They will evaluate if you are using the proper joist hangers and they are not missing any fasteners. They will also check how well your beams are connected to your support posts.

Deck inspection includes checking the following:

  • Any rot on an awl or screwdriver
  • The ledger or the framing material of the deck that is attached to your house
  • Joists, beams, and any hardware that is fixed on the deck for corruption, decay, or rust
  • Any cracks in the decking boards
  • Railing system for loose posts and handrails
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