Chimney Inspection

There are thousands of accident cases reported in the US that are caused because of the clogged chimneys. These accidents can be dangerous to your life as well as decrease the value of your property. An annual chimney inspection by professionals will save you from these situations.

DW Home Inspections is an expert in inspecting all kinds and all models of residential and industrial chimneys. Our expert chimney inspectors are trained and skilled to work with chimneys of all materials- concrete, metal, clay, or masonry. We also inspect the customized fitted chimney.

Our chimney inspections are done in 3 levels:

  • Level 1 inspection: This is recommended when your fireplace, chimney, and venting system are easily accessible. In level 1 inspection, we verify if your fireplace & chimney structures are sound, free of obstructions, clogs, and combustible deposits, such as creosote.
  • Level 2 inspection: If you have added a new heating appliance in your building or changed the type of fuel, then a Level 2 inspection is required. Level 2 inspection is also needed if you are planning to sell or transfer your property, or if there is an operating malfunction or damage caused to your fireplace & chimney.
  • Level 3 inspection: If there are any hidden hazards found from the level 1 or level 2 inspections, a Level 3 inspection is done. This type of inspection confirms the proper construction and condition of concealed portions of your fireplace & chimney structure as well as its exhaust, pipe, and vent. Level 3 chimney inspections and fireplace inspections are usually required during investigating an incident that has caused damage to the fireplace, chimney, building, or where a hazard is detected and suspected.
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