5 Doubts You Should Clarify About Home Inspection Cost

Buying a home is probably one of the biggest investments. From browsing the listings to connecting with real estate agents and going to site visits, you take every step into account to find your dream home. And, if you are lucky to find a place that matches your taste and budget, the only thing you need is a professional home inspection. You don’t want to invest in a home that is full of cracks, leaks and other damages. A home inspection can give you a clear picture of the property and help you make an informed decision. 

With so many home inspectors in the US market, it becomes quite challenging to choose the best. However, you can narrow the search by looking for inspectors close to your area and asking for home inspection estimates. Every home is unique, and the home inspection cost may vary. 

There are several factors that determine the home inspection cost, and it’s wise to clear doubts before scheduling an inspection. Here are 5 doubts you should clarify

Hourly Charges or Standard Package: Generally, most home inspection companies offer their services on hourly rates, or they have a standard package that includes the basic elements of inspection. Standard packages limit the customization, and the inspectors examine only items included in the package. Hourly charges bring flexibility to the service, and you can ask to inspect items you are suspicious about. Depending on the items inspected, the prices may vary. A fixed price per hour can give you an idea of the overall home inspection cost

Property Size: The bigger the size of the property, the longer it will take for inspection. So, when you rely on the average home inspection cost, it doesn’t mean your home inspection will fall within the range. When scheduling the home inspection, provide the true information about the size of the property so that the home inspector can provide you with an approximate home inspection cost per square foot.

Age of the Home: While you are aware of the hourly charges and know the inspection cost as per the size, another factor that dominates the home inspection cost is the property’s age. Imagine an inspector visiting the property, and the first thing he said, “You didn’t inform me how old the property is. That is going to cost a little bit more.” Well, he is right because older homes have a high risk of damage and inspectors have to put extra effort into inspecting them, which translates into higher costs. So, inform them in advance to avoid future surprises.

Add-on Inspections: You can’t expect a home inspector to examine the pool if you have scheduled a standard home inspection. A basic home inspection includes assessment of the structural and foundation, the roof, electrical systems and plumbing. Specialized inspections like pool inspection, radon testing and moisture intrusion require high-tech tools, appropriate sample collection techniques and lab tests that add more cost to the inspection. So, if you have any of these requirements, inform in advance to get a customized quote. 

Expertise and Experience of the Inspector: If you have previously had a home inspection and don’t find it quite satisfactory, the inspector probably lacks expertise and experience. Companies have skilled inspectors for add-on inspections, and it’s best to hire them to know the actual condition of the home. Moreover, an experienced inspector will charge more, as they can inspect the property more efficiently and in detail. So, ask about the company’s industry experience to know the inspection estimates. 

The location of the property and local competition are some of the other factors that dominate the cost of the inspection. So, a wise move is to have transparent communication with the inspector and clear all the doubts before scheduling your home inspection. 

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